AAPMED from Vietnam was set up at 2014 and one of leader manufacturer and exporters in the field of agricultural products, foods spices and raw dried herbs. Our company has established trading links with partners all over the world and is famous for its variedly of forms style, high quality products and services.

AAPMED is known as the first class exporter in the field of agricultural products, spices and dried herbs, our point of business : “Quality is our identity “.

AAPMED is supplying high quality medicinal herbs such as: Radix ledebouriellae seseloidis, Genliana dakuriera fisch, Lycium sinense mill, Angelica dahurica, Fructus zizyphi, Ligusticum wallichit Franch, Launae pinnatifida cass, Amomum xanthioides wall, Flos chrysanthen, Herba Asari sirboldi, Euphoria longan, Loranthus parasiticus, Lonicera Japonica thunb, Panax notoginseng, Similax giabra wall, Ciematis sinensis osbeck, Uncaria rynchophyka, Homalomena occulta, Milletia reticulata benth, Scrophularia kalandensis franch, Frutus chaenomelis, Poria cocos, Ramulus Cinnamoni…

Our products have been exported to many countries like Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan, China, Europe…

We always trust that by “giving value will get faith back”, would create the best value to customers in order to build up the trust and loyalty as bear fruit of a good relationship, by that way together we will have long-term cooperation!

We commit to maintain high quality standards for the products supplied by us to gain a loyal and growing customer base in international market scenario and customer preferences.


Add: 594/1/20 Au Co, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
Tel: 02866 722 979
Hotline: 0333272721